David Garrett – NTR Guadalajara Interview

Ontem à noite o Facebook de David partilhou uma entrevista que este deu à NTR Guadalajara. Para lerem o artigo original (em Espanhol), basta clicar aqui. Em baixo, encontra-se a tradução em Inglês. Espero que gostem!

Yesterday evening, David’s Facebook shared an interview he gave to NTR Guadalajara. To read the original article, just click here. Below is the English translation. Enjoy!


Tradução Inglês/ English Translation

Is there someplace you’d like to go on tour where you’ve never played before?

David Garrett:
I really would love to play more on beaches. I’m a little bit jealous of all the DJs who play those festivals near beaches. Unfortunately the violin doesn’t do so well with humidity – bummer!

What dream do you still have to fulfill?

David Garrett:
I think it’s just enjoying life, having a good attitude, being kind, being generous, honest. Those are the most important things and also the foundation of a successful life. I’m not just talking about business, but about private life as well. And these goals you have to work on each day
What message do you want to give with your music?

David Garrett:
Actually the most important thing for me is whoever comes to my show, I want them to leave the concert with a smile on their face. I want them to have an emotional journey. I want them also to reflect, feel happy and sad, these are all emotions that are necessary. As long as I can reach someone emotionally that’s all an artist can dream of, I think.

How do you maintain your Motivation?

David Garrett:
I believe that good artistry comes from self-doubt. I don’t want to be the kind of artist who is too sure of himself. For me it’s important to work hard every day and have the feeling that I can still do better, I’m not at my best yet. So I guess that’s the true magic -when you go on stage, and you can really prove yourself each time
What is the difference between the Mexican audience and the rest of the world?

David Garrett:
I would say the enthusiasm is probably the biggest I’ve experienced so far. People love music, they live music, and they’re uninhibited in the audience. That is quite fascinating and inspiring for us on stage.

Are you working on a new album?

David Garrett:
Yes, there are a few projects I’ve already started working on,
including new material, a new album, writing my own music as I always do. So, I can’t wait to share all this new material very soon hopefully.

What will the show at Auditorio Telmex in Guadalajara be like?

David Garrett:
It’s a mixture of what I recorded on the last album combined with some pieces which I just felt fit the program and the whole show concept. And of course, some of the classics.

Fonte/Source: Facebook David Garrett, NTR Guadalajara


Julien Quentin – Verbier Festival – Medici TV Livestream

O Verbier Festival celebra este ano os seus 25 anos de existência. Entre as celebrações deste primeiro quarto de século, está a Gala de Aniversário, onde Festival conta com um leque de mais de 30 artistas internacionais, entre os quais está Julien Quentin. A Gala tem lugar hoje, às 18h (hora local) e o canal Medici TV irá transmitir o evento ao vivo. Para mais informações, por favor cliquem aqui. Não percam!

The Verbier Festival celebrates, this year, 25 years of existence. Among the celebrations of its first quarter century, is the Anniversary Gala, with a line-up of more than 30 international artists, among which is Julien Quentin. The Gala is tonight, at 6pm (local time) and the Medici TV will broadcast the event via livestream. For more information, please click here. Don’t miss it!

Fonte/source: Facebook medici.tv
Photo: julienquentin.com

Fonte/Source: julienquentin.com

David Garrett – Interview for Romanian Magazine Revista CARIERE

O Facebook de David partilhou há pouco uma entrevista que este deu à revista Romena CARIERE. A tradução em Inglês encontra-se em baixo, para lerem o texto original, basta clicar na foto. Obrigada!

David’s Facebook share, a while ago, an interview David gave to Romanian magazine CARIERE. The English translation can be read below, for the original text, just click on the photo. Thank you!

Tradução em Inglês
English Translation

1. David, you have been hugely successful with your classical concerts in Romania. Are you surprised about the size of your success here and did it trigger you to want to come here with your crossover show as well?

Yes, it certainly surprised me. In the last few years there have been many places in the world where I came on stage literally with my mouth open because I really did not expect so many people to be there. It’s a dream come true for any artist! In Romania, it was also amazing that my concert at the Enescu Festival sold out so quickly. For me that’s not a given. A lot of wonderful artists struggle to have an audience and I feel really lucky and blessed to have so many fans and supporters. It’s really unbelievable sometimes.

2. While studying at Juilliard School in New York, you also did modeling to supplement your income. How would you describe and name that period of your life?

I think, especially during that age between 20 and 23 you try to find yourself, you try to find out what you want to do with your life. I had just moved away from my parents, who had a very specific view of what I needed to do in life. But I needed to find my own way. I always knew I wanted to do something with music but I wasn’t entirely sure if I wanted to be a concert violinist. So during the time in New York I tried to work through my studies as good as I can but also find something which would make me happy.

3. You went to the prestigious Juilliard School against your parents’ wishes. Why were your parents against it?

Well, you have to understand I had signed a record contract when I was 13 years old with probably the most establisted classical label, Deutsche Grammophon, and recorded 5 albums until I was 18. Looking back, this is really very rare that somebody does so much work at such a young age with so many great musicians. So looking back I do understand my father who was a little skeptical of me going back to college and not performing for 4 years. That being said, it just felt right so I had to do it. So looking back from my perspective it was absolutely the right choice.

4. You had a very busy childhood. In retrospect – did your career move too fast for a child?

Yes. I would not suggest doing that much when you’re so young. It’s a very difficult balance between going to school and touring and building up a career. I really wouldn’t recommend to do it in such a high intensity at such a young age.

5. Do you consider yourself a rebel?

No, not at all. I have my own mind, that’s very important. But so does everybody. I would consider myself someone who’s stubborn with his ideas, at least to some degree. If I have something I truly believe in, I go for it.

6. Do you like the fact that you are considered the successor of Paganini?

Those are big words. I’m not a fan of big words, I’m a fan of doing big things. For me, everyday is a challenge to be the best I can. That’s not only with the violin, but as a human being. And if at the end of the day I had a productive day, that has more value to me than any words.

7. You were passed in May 2008 Guinness Book as the fastest violinist. Was the record important to you?

It was fun, but I didn’t expect anybody to write about it, honestly. For me, the technique is mandatory when you want to be a good violinist. Nathan Milstein always said you can either play or you can’t play. So, being able to play virtuosic pieces falls into the first category, and for me that was only normal.

8. You have said many times that you are an admirer of Enescu. What do you appreciate about him?

I actually even have a direct link to Enescu, because my teacher Ida Haendel was a student of his. And I also worked a lot with Yehudi Menuhin who was also a student of Enescu. For me Enescu was someone who really truly inspired two of my favorite violinists which I was lucky enough to also work with. That’s quite a connection which I’m very proud of.

9. What is your most cherished moment in your career so far?

Being able to have a good relationship to family and friends even while touring, that’s probably the most important.

10. Do you think the choice of such a career as a violinist is a matter of destiny?

I’m not a big believer in destiny. I’m more of a believer in work and repetition. I think if you knock at a door 100 times, somebody will open.

11. You said, at one point, that classical music is as accessible as rock, r & b, jazz or any other popular genre. Why do you think it has the image of not being as accessible?

I think it’s the visual. Forgive me for being that blunt but going to a classical hall is definitely an event but it’s also far from what young people expect of a concert. On top of that the attire of the orchestra doesn’t help… I see both sides, though. Of course I understand the tradition, but in the end the music does not change with your clothes. There is no correlation between what you wear, how you look and the quality of the music. And if there is no correlation between those things, I find it so much more reasonable to reach a wider audience with just being who you are in the 21st century.

12. What do you see yourself doing in the future?

I think the most important thing is to enjoy what you do, to take your time, to stay healthy, and to feel inspired. When I look into the future, I hope those things will be a huge part of my daily life.

13. If you were not a violinist, what else would you have liked to do?

I think there would have been a lot of things I would have enjoyed doing. Just inside the music industry even. I love producing, I love writing, I love doing chamber music. Apart from music, I like architecture or interior design even. For me, beauty has to do with aesthetics, and architecture and interior design is something that I enjoy in my private life.

14. Would you please send a message for those who will come to see you this year at the Romanian concerts?

After playing a Tchaikowsky concerto in Bucharest last season, it’s very exciting for me to be finally coming with my band, too. The crossover program is a totally different side of me and I am very much looking forward to presenting it and enjoying music together!

Thank you very much!

Fonte/Source: Facebook David Garrett,

David Garrett – “Music – Live in Concert” – Canal 22 México

O Facebook de David anunciou há pouco que no próximo sábado, dia 7 de Julho, o canal Canal 22 México, irá transmitir o concerto “Music – Live in Concert”, às 23h, hora local. A quem conseguir ver, aproveitem a oportunidade, pois vai valer a pena ver e ouvir!

David’s Facebook just announced that next Saturday, July 7th, Canal 22 México will broadcast “Music – Live in Concert”, at 11pm, local time. If you can watch it, take this opportunity, it will be worth it!

Fonte/Source: Facebook David Garrett,
Facebook Canal 22 México